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Posted on 01 October 2010

A friend of mine recently decided to go back to school and take an Intro to Interior Decorating class but soon found herself over her head in that class.  She transferred to Into to Graphic Design and hoped that this self paced class would be a better match for her schedule and level of knowledge.  While it was a better match, she still felt out of her depth when it came time to do her final project.  She needed to come up with a logo, business card, magazine ad, and a website home page for an imaginary company.  My initial thought was “Wow!  I have been out of school for awhile.  Did they really ask me to do that in school?” I think that coming up with imaginary company information is way more difficult than using existing information.  Having no content, or imagery to work with makes it very difficult for most people to visualize and create a company from thin air.  When I create a layout comp for a client, I always like to find some content and imagery I can use to help flesh out my layout. iStockphoto.com is one of my favorite resources for inexpensive but attractive imagery done by professional and amateur artists than can be had at a reasonable price and covers a range of business topics.

Instead of coming up with an imaginary company, we used a real one. Her sister-in-law has a small papercraft business we could use as the foundation of the project.  The company had a logo and a blog that we could use as the basis for our design project.

In my opinion, the existing logo was not cohesive.  The words Studio and Paper Creations were dwarfed by the giant flourishes and the  “A”. I also thought that Studio seemed to be floating on top of the Logo and was not connected to the logo. We found a typeface and type treatment that made the “Studio A ” come across first with “Paper Creations” following.  I also wanted to see some color introduced into the logo and felt that the Paper Creations would be a good spot for color.

The final logo looked like this.  We kept the A and the flourish, but tweaked the rest. Using a Script typeface for “Studio” helped to unify it with the A and the flourish. Paper Creations also was put into Small Caps, then spaced apart slightly to give a feeling of a base for the logo to rest upon.  Changing the color also lightened the weight and gave us an extra element to bring into the rest of the business identity pieces.

My favorite part about working on a set of materials for one company is establishing a cohesive flow from one image to another.  The logo sets the tone for all other marketing materials.  The business card should have the same feel as the advertising,  brochures, and website, etc.  If you look at one piece from the company, the others should feel like they are part of the same package. To accomplish that keep typeface treatment, colors, and other elements in common.  we used splashed of pink in each piece, and used similar layout and spacing in the other pieces.

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