“Just because you can…

Posted on 23 September 2010

…doesn’t mean you should.”

This phrase was repeated to me numerous times throughout my classes at the Art Institute of Boston (which now has a much longer name, but I will always think of it as AIB)  Professors wanted us to learn restraint.  Just because we had the ability to make a something Bold, or red, or Red and Bold, or perish the thought, Bold, Red, and Blinking with the click of our mouse was not good enough. We had to have a rock solid reason for the use of Bold.  I will be forever grateful for that lesson.

I became a design major because Illustration majors (my major at the time) were required to take at least 1 design class Sophmore year.  When I took the class, I realized I loved it!  I switched over to a double major program the next year.  It put me behind the other design only students, but I did my best to keep up with my classmates. It also meant I got to go to school for an extra year!

I developed my passion for making printed things beautiful in college.  I realized how many unattractive signs, logos, and other material bombarded us everyday.  My goal was to make the world a more beautiful place, even if I only did it business card at a time.  Over time, I have sent some truly lovely cards, brochures, and other material out into the web.  I have also made some lovely websites.

The internet is an amazing place.  Almost anyone can get a website up and running.  It shows.  Some websites are so unbelievably tacky that they should be banned from the internet.  On the other hand I have come across many more fantastic websites that were not only beautiful but functional!  What a concept.

This blog will be devoted to things lovely, and not so lovely.  I hope it is a fun read, and that you might learn a lesson or two to help you with your DIY design projects.  I understand most people don’t even think of hiring a designer to do their business card, or website, or brochure, or even their PTA newsletter, and my goal is that after reading a few articles, I can at least help those people come up with a better product!

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8 responses to “Just because you can…

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  • So I’m obviously new to the site. I figured out how to customize my blog page but now I need some help learning how to delete the posts that seem to automatically be there as examples and create my own..

    • admin says:

      When you go into the post section of you blog there should be a box you can check and usually just look for the trash or delete option and that should do it. Or edit the post itself and change the content to be what you want it to be.

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